Hello $40,000 raise. How are you?

As you all know. Wife Ninja was an aspiring teacher, aka a substitute. She spent all last year subbing for a few different school districts in the San Diego area. She was lucky enough to end last school year with a long term sub position, filling in for two months while a teacher was on maternity leave.

We knew that the California economy is pretty much in the crapper, but we were still keeping her fingers crossed she would get a teaching contract. Last Friday, she got pump faked when a principal called her to say that he wanted her to teach at his school, only to find out a few hours later HR had already placed another teacher in that position. It totally bummed Wife Ninja out, which in turn made me bummed.

Tuesday was the first day of the school year and it looked like she was destined to continue on her substituting journey. That was until yesterday afternoon, when she got a phone call from a school she taught at last year, offering her a chance to open a new Kindergarten class.

The details are still fuzzy, and we aren’t clear what exactly the terms of the position are, but there is a good chance it is, at the least a long term subbing position, if not a 1 year contract. Either way, it means consistent work and consistent income for the Ninja household. I am super excited for her because she has wanted nothing more than to have a consistent classroom where she is the TEACHER and not just a SUBSTITUTE.

The upside to the position (as I see them) are:

1) Potential to add nearly $40,000 to our annual income.

2) Wife Ninja finally gets to be a teacher

3) Operation Save For A House will be in full force

4) Lots more $$$ to give

The downsides to the position (again as I see them) are:

1) She has to work everyday

2) She will have to grade papers and work on projects at home

3) I’m pretty sure Kindergartners still poop and pee their pants…ew.

4) She will spend 40% of the work day telling Timmy to stop eating the glue

All in all. I’m pretty excited for her and I can’t wait to hear more about the position after she talks over specifics with the principal. A little boost in income never hurts. Long live the DINKS (dual income no kids)!!!!!

Throw her a little comment love below and let her know you are either A) excited for her B) jealous of her C) impartial because you don’t even know her.

Happy weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Congratulations! As a teacher for a few years I would tell Wife Ninja she should try not to always bring her work home though ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  2. @Girl Ninja: Congratulations!

    Kick boy ninjaโ€™s ass for me, will ya? For those snarky poop, pee & eating the glue comments ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Very exciting Mrs. Ninja! A good friend of mine subbed for years and then got his own classroom this year. He is pumped to have kids he gets to know and actually impart knowledge that he plans etc., rather than attempting to keep random classrooms entertained when the teacher is away.

    BTW- I’m pretty sure most 5 year olds are potty trained!

  4. what an awesome challenge! Most teachers spend quite a few weeks/months over the summer planning for their new classrooms, so I know this will be tough – but you can do it, LadyNinja!!

  5. Congratulations! What a relief to not have to get up early every morning and call in to see if there are sub positions available.

    I think teaching kindergarten would be great. Enjoy!!!

  6. Excited – not that you need to hear this, but speaking from the one income two kids side of things, the more you are able to save now the better her stay-at-home mom life will be!

  7. This is fantastic! I hope all the details work out quickly and Mrs N can start molding those little kinder-kids into fine, upstanding big kids.

    I used to substitute teach quite a bit, and yeah, the young ones can have a few control problems, shall we say, but another upside is that they love, love, LOVE their teacher. From your posts and photos, I can guarantee you that every kiddo in the class is going to adore beautiful,fun,energetic Mrs. N.

    (And I would be remiss as an excellent substitute teacher, DN, if I didn’t remind you that the head of the school is the PRINCIPAL – remember, the principal is your PAL!)

  8. YAY! Plus, she may have access to a 401-K type of retirement fund, too!

    Congrats to Girl Ninja on getting your own classroom!!!

    • Since I used to teach college English, I was a bit puzzled by this too. But of course I’m jealous, ’cause I miss the smell of poop and pee, not to mention telling Timmy to stop sniffing glue. Oh wait, this is kindergarten. Congrats, GN!

  9. Daughter-in-law-Ninja – CONGRATS!!!
    After teaching DN how to be a husband (for a month)5 year olds should be a piece of cake!
    I am truly so happy for you and know those kids have scored one amazing teacher!

  10. Ah this was me last year, and luckily I found a job although it did mean a 50 minute commute. I got to keep my job this year (thank you Jesus!), but I am hoping something will come up closer to our home. The commute is killing me slowly.

  11. Congrats! I was a teacher too and the first few weeks of Kinder (especially a late start one) are pretty hectic…but the kids are amazing! Hopefully the other K teachers will be super helpful and accomodating. As for the upside, there is actually not that much take home work for K, they are not know for their lengthy essay writing:) As for the downside, yes there wil be poop, pee, snot, and tears.
    All in all-totally worth it and the CALSTRS (state teachers’ retirement) is bomb;) She can contribute even if it just a long term position too.

  12. Congrats to wife Ninja and under your upside list #2 should be #1. It’s not all about money, you know. Also, I hope $40K is net and not gross. That’s way too little to pay teachers.

  13. Hooray! I’m always encouraged to hear of fellow teachers finding work these days. I hope things aren’t too hectic in the next little while as she has a LOT of prep to do, I’m sure!

    For some perspective, I teach part-time at a community college now. You could tell her she could be dealing with sleepy, sometimes hung-over college freshmen … who sometimes smell like there’s poop and pee in their pants.

  14. Impartial.

    Just kidding that’s great news! It should help big time to save up the cash for when there are Ninja Poopy Diapers to be changed. Also, teaching is a fantastic profession that a majority of my extended family members are involved in!

  15. Woo Hoo. Being in Limbo is such a horrible feeling. I’m so thrilled for Mrs. Debt Ninja.

    My son just started kindergarden and he does not pee or poop his pants. He does love cute girls though. If you were his teacher I’m sure he’d be in heaven.

  16. Hooray, Wife Ninja! I taught for six years (middle and high school, so this may be different) but I almost never took work home. I got to school early, worked hard through my prep time, and sometimes stayed late, but the work stayed at work. The only time I had to bring papers home to grade was when my students wrote lengthy research papers (I taught English) and I just didn’t have the time at school to get them all graded in a time frame that was fair to my students. I fully believe you CAN get (almost) everything done without taking work home.

  17. Kindergarten ROCKS! My youngest is in kindergarten and I love helping out in the class. And, there’s no poop/pee issues since (at least in our school system) teachers aren’t allowed to help with bathroom business… wet or poopy pants = Call the Parents!

    Congrat’s Mrs. Ninja. Enjoy your class!!!! You are getting a chance to be the person who makes that first awesome impression of school and learning to these little 4 and 5 yr olds. You have a very important role in shaping the attitudes of little learners. Good luck and enjoy the year!

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