25 going on 60

One of my buddies, who works in finance for a major bank, told me he recently attended a small group with a few of his good friends from college. During the small group, one of the members began reflecting on his life. He has a good job. He and his wife bought a house in a nice part of Seattle. I think they have a dog. And my understanding is they both have relatively stable employment. They are living the dream. Or as my friend’s friend put it the night of their small group, they are living the life they want to have when they are 35, nearly ten years away.

Can I get an amen?

As new homeowners and expectant parents I can definitely confirm that, sometimes I don’t want to play grown-up anymore. I only get to be in my twenties for two more years. Why am I not living it up? Or in the words of our high school kids, Why am I not YOLOing? Oh that’s right, mortgages and babies mean I have to be…


Retirement wont pay for itself. And last time I checked, my savings account only increases if I show up for work and bank roll our discretionary income. The life I want for my family five, ten, and forty years, limits my ability to live the life I want right now.

I don’t know about you, but that kinda depresses me. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I love my job. That said, it is also the thing that is holding me back the most. If I got fired tomorrow, I wouldn’t go look for a similar position somewhere else. You wanna know what I would do?


Girl Ninja and I would live the dream for the next two months before baby comes. We would be challenged in ways our currently safe, secure, and predictable life isn’t. We’d be sporadic. Spontaneous. Scared. And Excited. We’d be living the dream. A 25 year old’s dream.

As with anything, our journey will have to be about balance. We wont be quitting our jobs and sacrificing our long-term goals anytime soon, but I’ll be damned if I catch my 35-year-old self wondering what the heck happened to my twenties. (pardon my french)


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  1. Oh we lived in our 20’s and by 27 we we’re 17,000 in credit card debt, sure we had great times but by 30 it was too late to have a baby the easy way, at 35 I have the kids, no CC debt but now I have to worry about my 2 year old and a new baby next month. You can’t win LOL.


  2. I know exactly how you feel man. I just want to stop working for a month or two (or 3) and do a bit of gallivanting across the world. Unfortunately, I need to get a little bit more cash built up for that.

  3. Balance is really the key word. That’s why my whole philosophy has gone to one where I still have those big, lofty long-term goals, but I still find frugal ways to fit fun into my budget right now. A lot of it is more about planning than doing without 🙂

  4. I’m also a government employee that thought the same soon after beginning work here at age 25 (I’m now 31.) “Balance” is thrown around a lot but it’s quite difficult to actualize because of job limitations (leave, even unpaid, can be hard to come by.)

    I know someone my age who left her six figure job and began traveling, bouncing around here and there. She seems happy but you never know what people really feel.

    I have an emergency fund, a house, no debt. I am saving for retirement. But what is life? Life is time. It’s what you do with it. Because we will all die. So it’s important to focus in on how you feel in that time you have.

    While I wish I could go to a yoga retreat in Mexico for a week like she did, I also know I’d be nervous with uncertainty of my next paycheck and steady ground to walk on. It’s personality.

    So, for balance right now, I’m looking to explore in my own ways. Local weekend camping trips to places yet unexplored and learning how to cook. Enjoying life comes in many different styles.

    Also, Ninja, think about it: what would you REALLY do in those 2 months? What does living it up really mean to you? Think it through. You may (or may not) be surprised with where the story takes you.

  5. As someone whose husband got laid off on Thursday… There is no way if you got laid off you would just “live it up” for 2 months with a wife and a baby on the way. Having irresponsible fun is the last thing you want to do when you unexpectedly lose your job. You have no idea of when your next paycheck will come let alone if you will be taking a paycut when it does come.

    I was unemployed 2.5 years before finding a job in my field again. I had no idea it would be that long. I hate when people tell me it must have been so awesome to not have to do anything through two summers. I couldn’t enjoy anything without feeling extremely guilty. Half the time you are usually just trying your best to not have a negative outlook on life.

    Now, negotiating some unpaid time off to let you live it up for 2 months. Planning to quit your job to travel the world for a year. Of course! Those are entirely different scenarios altogether.

  6. It’s possible to juggle spontaneous with responsible. It’s all in how you look at things. This is coming from someone who had stable employment, mortgage payments and a friend who said “Hey, wanna go to Paris next week?” I absolutely did. And for three glorious days we walked from morning ’til night all over the city. To the top of the Arc. Through the Louvre. Onto the completely wrong train.
    At the moment I’m having some health issues that prevent me from camping on Antarctica, but I will get through the health issues and make it to see the Pen-Goo-Ins (watch Bugs Bunny’s Ice Follies episode).
    Until then, I’m conquering bowling centers across the state one at a time (short weekend jaunts as my health allows).
    So think about your personal interests, see what’s available and next Saturday leave home without the GPS. For a city with a funny-sounding name like Humptulips.

  7. That’s how a shitty Corvette or Mustang or Harely show up in ones garage at age 43 😉
    Oh and why women get divorced at age 34 to go “eat – love – pray” because they deseeerve haaaapyness…

  8. Last weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday with some cousins and friends in Las Vegas. One drunken night outside the club, I started lecturing everyone about retirement savings. I totally feel you on the 25 going on 60 feeling!

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