24 hours!

I’m so excited I might wet myself.

Going to grocery store now to buy adult diapers in case I do 🙂

See you all tomorrow

p.s. We’re not pregnant. At least not that I’m aware of. You better not have gotten pregnant while I’ve been in Korea, Girl Ninja…just saying.

43 thoughts on “24 hours!”

  1. I will come into work earlier than normal so I can read the good news before I do anything else… sitting on pins and needles in Canada… and it’s starting to hurt!!

  2. …. are you finally going to reveal your secret identity and take us all out to dinner??? Wait, I live on the East Coast, so that wouldn’t do much for me…..

    Can’t wait to hear the news!

  3. Yes, I am anxious but clearly not as excited as you for tomorrow and what you have in store for us. Good luck…

  4. She is not pregnant, you meant to say.

    There’s no WE are pregnant when you’re talking about a couple consisting of one man and one woman. Only the woman would be pregnant.

    And that was my guess, but I’m wrong. Haha.

  5. I can’t wait either!

    I want to throw a few guesses:

    1) New Project having to do with this blog
    2) Promotion/Job Change in the Private Sector
    3) Wow – that’s all I got……….

  6. Well now that baby ninjas are ruled out, I’m placing my bet on going to buy a house now, or decided to invest some of the savings in an epic vacation….

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