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12 Career Opportunities to Help You Pay it Forward

Humans helping humans

Service to humanity brings with it unmatched joy and fulfillment. If such is your calling and would like to earn from it, here is a list of just but some careers you can pursue to fulfill your passion.


The work that doctors perform in society cannot go unnoticed. A lot depends on an individual/society’s health, and doctors are at the forefront of ensuring this. With four years of full-time study, you can obtain a bachelor’s degree, but this could stretch to eight years or more, depending on the level of skill you wish to obtain. 


Perhaps the most important job in a healthcare facility is the one performed by nurses. Nurses are with patients the longest, from when they enter a facility, attend to patients round the clock, and see them off when they are discharged. A nursing degree can take two to four years, with a master’s degree required for specialist nursing services such as midwifery, which could take an additional two years.

Law Enforcement

Police officers ensure law and order is maintained in society, ensure the citizenry have a safe space to live in. They are at the forefront when people report break-ins in their property, theft, etc. To be qualified to enforce criminal law, an individual is required to undergo police academy training that takes about six months and have college certification.


Think of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics as doctors-on-the-move, operating from an ambulance. They respond to health-related emergencies, and their job profile is extremely time-sensitive. They can provide basic life support services to more detailed treatment based on their certification level. Also included in this category are air evacuation paramedics who respond to emergencies using ambulance-equipped helicopters or planes. To be a skilled EMT, you’ll require only about 150 hours of training. Qualification for a paramedic takes about two to four years. Paramedics with at least three to five years of experience can qualify to be air ambulance after clocking 32 hours of specialized training.

Call Center Representative/ 911 Dispatcher

Call center reps respond to nerve-wracking situations, talking with distressed persons on the phone and dispatching the necessary assistance in terms of first responders, i.e., police officers, paramedics, and firefighters. Along with high school certification, to work on that end of 911, you need one-year training to become a skilled 911 dispatcher.


Theirs is a calling of courage, tasked to put out fire breakouts in residential, commercial, and industrial property. More importantly, they risk their lives to save those who may be trapped in the raging infernos. To work as a firefighter, you may need to be a certified EMT or paramedic. 


Lawyers are central to the justice system, dedicating their lives to ensure the rule of law prevails, be it in court, or give clients advice where paperwork is involved. You can choose to pursue law subsets, such as property, family, criminal, labor, tax, immigration, etc. A lawyer will need to undergo four years of training to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Attorneys require at least seven years of training and practice to get certified, with their aides, such as paralegal officers, undergoing two years of study to obtain an associate degree, and four years for a bachelor’s degree.

Social Work

A social worker works with an individual or community in addressing issues that they face. These can range from caring for the vulnerable, community planning, crisis resolution, and engaging families. To qualify to do social work, you’ll need social work certification or certification in related disciplines, such as sociology or psychology. A master’s degree in social work will qualify you to be a licensed clinical social worker.


A psychopharmacologist is a medical practitioner who uses brain-altering medication in treating patients, mostly those with mental disorders. These practitioners may include doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The practice entails ongoing study to keep up with the dynamism of mental health. To obtain a Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology, you will need a medical degree. The program can take two to four years to complete.


This form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses needle insertion on the body has evolved from treating pain to managing stress. A Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine or a more specific advanced degree in acupuncture is required to practice in this field. The training duration is about four years.


Counselors deal with the mental and emotional behaviors of individuals. They may or may not use the medication in treating patients. Certification in psychology or its equivalent is required to be able to practice in this field. A degree program can take two to three years, with a master’s program taking an additional two years to complete.


Teachers play a significant role in molding learners in their careers and general lives. It is, arguably, one of the most respected professions for the impact it has on society. A high school diploma is sufficient to land a teaching assistant job, with a teacher requiring a bachelor’s degree to obtain a teaching license.



  1. In my opinion all honest work has equal value to humanity. If you work at a power plant you are providing electricity to schools and hospitals, if you work at Best Buy you are improving the leisure time of other workers. It’s all noble if your intent is noble. As of course are the careers you listed.

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