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$100 for Happiness

What items, for less than $100, can you buy that will greatly increase your quality of life? Here’s what I’ve come up with…

1. A great pair of sandals. I put my first pair of Rainbows 9 years ago and have never looked back. Totally worth the $60ish bucks.

2. Foam mattress topper. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can find some screaming deals on memory foam mattress toppers. Girl Ninja and I took advantage of one such Costco bargain and have never slept better. Even the worst mattresses feel like heaven when a three-inch memory foam pad is on top.

3. Mach 3 Razors. These freaking things are expensive. I’ve been trying the dollar shave razors for the last couple months, and although they are dirt cheap, they suck infinitely more than the Mach 3. In fact, the Mach 3 razors are so good, GN has stolen mine a time or two when she shaves her legs.

4. Nice pens. I’m a G2 Pilot kind of guy (anyone else know what I’m talking about?). It has the perfect amount of bleed to gel ratio. It rolls across the paper ever so gently and improves the readability of my handwriting a million fold.

5. Curved shower curtain bar. Nothing is grosser than having the wet shower curtain lining graze against my naked butt-cheeks as I bend down to clean the dirt between my toes. I’m not suppose to feel dirtier by showering, but a standard shower bar makes me feel just that.

So reader: What items, for less than $100, greatly increase your quality of life?




  1. I spend a small fortune on really nice shower gels and shampoos. Having a great shower in the morning sets the tone for the whole day for me. 🙂

  2. Multi-color note pads
    A good Chef’s Knife
    A pair of comfortable stretchy blue jeans for every day wear.

  3. A kitten.

    We currently have 3 ranging from 4-8 months old. I have told my husband if he dies first I will become the crazy cat lady lol.

  4. I understand that a massage can be had for less than one hundred bucks. I have never had one but I bet it would be great.

    If I really had to blow one hundred bucks on something I would love to try a cleaning lady. Not sure how many hours I could get but coming home from work and seeing the house all cleaned would be amazing.

  5. I was just saying the other day that the 2 pack of amazing travel mugs I bought from Costco (Contigo brand) were the best $20 I ever spent! They keep my coffee hot until I can enjoy it (after daycare drop off and driving to work) they don’t leak so I can throw them in my bag, greatly reducing the number of times I forget my coffee at home (doh!) and they are stainless steel so they are easy to clean. I tell everyone I know about these mugs. They have certainly increased my quality of life on a daily basis and reduced the number of times I have to buy my coffee when I’ve left mine on the counter 🙂 Win win! It really is the little stuff sometimes.

  6. A nice pair of running shoes. Ok, these can range to be well over $100, but my current pair, which has been the favorite I’ve owned, came in at $95, so I’m counting it.

  7. I have stopped buying all those expensive razor catridges!!! Ninja, look into ‘wetshaving’. It is shaving like your great grandpa did, using a brush, soap, and a safety razor.

    There is a small upfront cost (around 80 to 100) but razors are $0.20 a piece after you get everything. The shave is 100 times better than with those catridges.

    • I second what Clay said about wetshaving. Is extremely cost effective in the long run, and is much easier on the skin.

  8. If you’re into good pens, you have to try Kuru Toga pencils. Every time you lift up the pencil lead from paper, it rotates so the lead is always sharp. I use a pencil a lot at my job, and this one fixed a pet peeve I wasn’t even aware of.

  9. Second on the chef’s knife. One of the best things I ever bought (made by Victorionix) for about $80.

    I’m also pretty impressed with my $8 reading glasses.

  10. I spend $37.50 every other week to have my house cleaned (total cost is $75, but I split this with my sister/roommate). It is the BEST unnecessary spending… I’m involved in a million things, travel for work, and absolutely hate to clean. It’s wonderful not to have to spend my limited free time to doing a chore I loathe.

  11. I would have to agree with others about the chef’s knife. I love to cook and a good knife makes all the difference when you are preparing a meal.

  12. I also agree on the cleaning. I pay my sister 40-60 a month but I would happily make it 100.

    A personal trainer to help me develop a good and varied gym routine.

  13. Oh my gosh! Those G2 pens are amazing. It must be a government employee thing. I buy the blue ink pens in bulk when I am at Sam’s Club. My coworkers are always stealing them from each other.

  14. Love those G2 pens too. Lately though I’ve been having an affair with the Pilot Precise V7 RT. Feels so right in my hand.

  15. A good knife is a great one and I love my cleaning crew, I could never clean my house the way they do.

    Those expensive car washes where they hand wipe down the interior (one step down from a detail but better than a gas station wash)

    A good purse, and pair of jeans

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